Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dwayne Wade's House in Miami, Florida

At 9330 SW 59th Pl, Miami, FL 33156 you will find Miami's favorite baller, Dwayne Wade's House.
The massive home in the Pinecrest, Florida area puts to shame other NBA homes I have seen such as those owned by Shaquille O'Neal and Karl Malone. Like Shaq, Wade personalized his pool and like Malone, Wade went a wee bit crazy with the murals.

From the outside the nearly 12,000-square-foot French-style home seems rather sedate but once inside the six-bedroom home things get a bit Flashtastic. Wade, known as "Flash," has put a "W" inlaid in the marble floor in the entrance hall and the listing includes the furnishings, artwork and some of Mr. Wade's memorabilia. There are rooms in the home, such as the dining room that are rather elegantly decorated, there are also touches like the Spider-man-themed bathrooms and the many, many renderings of Mr. Wade, that make this a home in need of some work. The home is so idiosyncratic that you would really have to be a fan to live here and I wonder if he will have as tough a time selling as Malone did. There is also a one-bedroom guest house, pool and patio with a summer kitchen on the property. The home is listed at $8.9 million. After the jump, a monument to ego.

UPDATE: Wade has struggled to sell the home, reducing the price several times. It is now listed at $4.599 million.

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  1. This home is a great deal, I see that it's been reduced several times. It rivals anything in Miami Beach from build quality to architectural elegance!