Wednesday, June 23, 2010

David Siegel's $100 million dollar Unfinished Windemere, Florida Mansion

The Windemere mansion started by timeshare tycoon David Siegel in Windemere Florida boasts some impressive stats: 90,000 square feet. Twenty-three bathrooms. Thirteen bedrooms. Ten kitchens. A 20-car garage, with additional space for two limos. Three pools. A bowling alley. Indoor roller rink. Two-story movie theater. Video arcade. Fitness center. Baseball field and two tennis courts. This megamansion is over 36 times larger than the average American home.

You can buy this huge mansion in Florida for $75 million as is, or completed for $100 million.

Nicknamed "Versailles" for the French royal palace that inspired it, the edifice hit the market recently. Construction was halted last year to save money in a recession that proved particularly hard on Siegel's once-booming industry.

The unfinished palace at 6121 Kirkstone Lane in Windemere makes Tiger Woods' place just down the street in this gated Orlando suburb look more like a guest house. Siegel, who has 12 children, could have easily moved forward with construction but wanted to avoid cutbacks at his company, Westgate Resorts.

Taxes alone on the property, if sold at $100 million, would be between $1.45 million and $1.74 million annually, according to Orange County appraiser's website. The yearly upkeep also would likely fall in that range, real estate agents said. That's what you get for buying one of the biggest mansions in Florida!

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