Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vanilla Ice - Filming DIY Home Makeover Show in Versailles Community in Wellington, Florida

A lot of people know that Vanilla Ice lives somewhere in South Florida, but we do get the question alot: "Where does Vanilla Ice Live?"

So Here ya go:
Vanilla Ice lives at 10364 Trianon Place in Wellington, Fl 33414. Robert Van Winkle, better known as rapper Vanilla Ice, is filming a home makeover series for the DIY Network. Van Winkle and friends are rehabbing a home in the gated Versailles community in Wellington. Vanilla Ice, bought the Wellington, home, just down the street from his Versailles home for $420,000 and hopes to sell it for 3 times what he paid for it after the rehab project is done. When Vanilla Ice bought the house earlier this year vandals/theives had stolen fixtures, pool equipment, tiles and the home's appliances.

Van Winkle, 42 and four heavily tattooed friends are rehabbing the 7,000 square foot crib into a greener, more gadget friendly home. Van Winkle says some of the features of the redone six-bedroom house will include a movie theater with a laser-generated starry ceiling and an infinity pool flanked by fire torches electronically colored in different shades reflecting ones moods (red for angry, blue for calm).

Is the Versailles HOA bothered by the omnipresent media and camera crews? “I’m nice to the HOA,” Van Winkle said, “and I’m friends with the guy who developed Versailles. That helped. But this series is going to show Versailles and the rest of Palm Beach County in a good light. It’ll be good for home sales.”

Since Van Winkle already owns two dozen rental properties throughout Palm Beach County and a building on the pricey Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, the show is not too big of a stretch.

And Van Winkle hopes to make a couple bucks, too. He plans to offer the house up for sale in the summer for $1.5 million.


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